25 August 2006

That was so terrible I think it gave me cancer

Remember my confession about Phil Hoffman? Well, I have another embarrassing celebrity crush, but I think I've talked to people about this one*.

I was watching Blazing Saddles tonight. It reminds me of Ian. And that song..."You couldn't make a Mel Brooks movie today; I saw Blazing Saddles yesterday." (Politically Correct by SR-71). Also? That I am completely head over heels in love with Gene Wilder. I mean...He's not a very attractive man anymore, now that he's seventy-three -- and to be completely frank, he was never quite the hottie of the comedy world. Still? My heart melts whenever I see him. He's such a sweetheart, and any man who plays the fox in the Little Prince is automatically beautiful in my mind. I feel like I could really, actually love this man. I don't know what he's like in real life, but his screen presence in all of his movies makes me swoon over and over again. Plus, he's got stunningly blue eyes:

Gene Wilder as the Waco Kid

I also forgot to slip this in earlier, but Jen and I were discussing trying to get tickets to see Keane, but they were expensive as all hell, and were waaaaaaaaay in the back of the BofA Pavilion. Shit.

I was kind of laughing at Jen, though, because she left me this message: the keane tour got canceled because the lead singer is in rehab! woo hoo!

Only my friends and I would rejoice in someone's rehab. And not because we were happy they were being rehabilitated.

*(Como que I think I've talked to people about this? I just told Laura this story:

I was, unfortunately, up until 2 in the AM.
what this time?
Gene Wilder and his compelling memoir
only you
Haha - the sick thing is that this goes sooo far back it's not even funny
like to the beginning of time when he was born?
Lol, in high school, my Spanish teacher rented the Little Prince for me (because he plays the fox) . I mean, we had read El Principito in class that year, but the movie was in English. And we watched it on a free day. And she never did it again, so she wasn't joking when she told me it was just for me.

So who am I kidding? Psh...Think I've told people. Sheesh.)

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