17 August 2006

*emo tear* for the end of SYTYCD Season 2

Ohmigod Teresa is right. Here it is, Thursday afternoon and I still have not updated about SYTYCD.

And about how Benji won.


And how he cried, and so did his dad.

And how I want to marry him and have lots of his babies.

Travis, maybe, was the "better dancer," (by whose standards? Not mine. But that's what everyone seems to say) but his attitude wasn't always as good as Benji's. He has an arrogance that is backed up with talent, but next to Benji's shining, wonderful personality, Travis looked like a wee *teensy* bit of a jerk. I do hope Mia offers him a job, though. I despise Mia as a TV personality, but she's a great coreograhpher, and she couldn't get enough of Travis, it seems. And in the end, I really think that based purely on talent, Allison should have won.

Not that I'm not happy Benji won! He will do amazing things with the prize money. And he's not really suited to Celine Dion's show (apparently the winner "won" an audition. I feel gypped. And lied to), so I'm glad he's considering not taking it.

Evidently, Lacey Schwimmer will be auditioning next season. She's been maintaining Benji's myspace while he's been on Fox, so I feel like I know her -- I hope she makes it!

And in case this is the sort of thing you find interesting, there have been pictures of Travis in drag all over teh Internets...But I found most of them on a blog through Technorati.

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